Fourth NLP & Coaching World Congress of IN, ICI & WHO

Nandana, Karl, Phillipe and Virginie

We are proud to announce that the next NLP, Coaching & Hypnosis World Congress of IN, ICI & WHO will be in Paris in September 8th to 10th 2017, organized by our French colleges.

Please visit the website:

“The French IN/ICI President, Phillipe Vernois and his team have the honor and the pleasure to welcome all of you for the next IN, ICI & WHO World Congress, which will take place in Paris, in 2017. The main theme of this Congress will be “NLP and Hypnosis”. We do think that this topic would perfectly fit the actual situation of France, in which Hypnosis - although it did strongly contribute to the NLP creation, thanks to Erickson’s modeling - has been successful, whilst NLP still has to prove itself concerning the French audience.

Preparing this congress we founded the World Hypnosis Organisation (WHO) as sister association of IN & ICI:


IN, Psynapse and ICI present


Live ... Hypno-Culture from 8 to 10 September
Guests of Honor and Speakers of World Congress 2017

World Congress Price
300 € - Gala evening included before 31 March 2017
350 € - Gala evening included before 30 June 2017
380 € - Gala evening included after 30 June 2017

You can register for the World Congress on the French website: