First NLP & Coaching Worldcongress - Germany 2006

was May 26-28th, 2006 in Berlin/Potsdam (Germany/Europe). A global integral vision of NLP for the development of human potential. You can download the Congress book with 250 pages (5MB PDF) for free. You find picture of the world congress here.

This Congress will inspire NLP experienced and newcomers with the variety of professional NLP at international levels.

Experience the excellence of worldwide acknowledged NLP Trainers - LIVE. This is an exceptional congress anticipating an exciting journey through the evolution of mankind stimulating all senses. A well balanced mixture of workshops and inspirations awakening you to a world of new experiences, growing hand in hand with visual impressions, information, meditation, activities and other surprises on all Graves Levels.

A first time chance

  • to become acquainted with NLP on an internationnal level
  • to be inspired by the latest developments of NLP
  • to network
  • and to celebrate together with us the global integral vision of NLP

Film about the 1st World Congress of NLP


  • Shelle Rose Charvet

    Words that change minds - creating a powerful impact in the world (C1) Solving communication problems with the LAB-profile (G1)

    From: Canada & USA Website
  • Thies Stahl

    Process Utilities

    From: Germany Website
  • Richard Bolstad

    Strategies of Success (F1) Beyond Self: Modelling Transcendence - Spirituality, Self-awareness (H3)

    From: New Zealand & Australia Website
  • Leo Angart

    Application of NLP on vision and high blood pressure (A2)
    NLP Health Practitioner (E1)
    The Art of Persuasion (F3)

    From: Hongkong/China/Asia Website
  • Mohammad Ashour

    Beliefs versus Awareness in blue Societies: "Saudi Arabia as an example"(D3)
    Identity TimeLine (F2)

    From: Saudi Arabia, Asia & Africa Website
  • Lucas Derks

    Power struggle in the social panorama of NLP (C2)
    Modelling as misleading ideology in NLP (D1)

    From: Netherlands Website
  • Brian van der Horst

    The integral magic of NLP (B2)
    Social aspects of the Integral Vision of Ken Wilber (G2)

    From: France Website
  • Steve Saunders

    The Magic of Life (B3)
    An Integral Model of the Structure of Humanity (H2)

    From: Great Britain Website
  • Ray Wilkins

    Health and NLP (A3)
    NLP Health Practitioner (E1)

    From: Belgium Website
  • Megha Baumeler

    Emotional Leading Qualities (B1)
    Deep Group rapport with laugh yoga (G3)

    From: Switzerland Website
  • Ueli Frischknecht

    Emotional Leading Qualities (B1)
    Deep Group rapport with laugh yoga (G3)

    From: Switzerland Website
  • Gundl Kutschera

    Quality of life and work-life-balance (A1)
    Our Children - Buds today, Blossoms tomorrow (H1)

    From: Austria Website